Be A Pack Leader Dog Walking Club, St. Augustine, Florida

"A Dog Connects You to Nature"


Be A Pack Leader Dog Walking Club was inspired by my Sheltie, Chancellor.    He is a dog I adopted from the Jacksonville Sheltie Rescue.  After getting him home and walking him in the neighborhood, I found he had no social skills when it came to meeting other dogs on the street.  He would lunge and bark uncontrollably, not in an aggressive way, but just because he wanted to meet other dogs.  I felt this was unacceptable and that he needed discipline and socialization training.  I tried to get other neighbors with dogs to walk with us as a pack but no one wanted to.  That's when I decided to start a dog walking club by reaching out to the larger St. Augustine community.  Participation has been surprisingly positive and sometimes we have as many as 25 dogs of all shapes and sizes on the walks.  Chance's behavior has improved and many of the dog walkers have noticed positive changes in their dog's too. 


"The Spirit Of A Dog Is To Be A Social Being"  Cesar Millan

Julie and Chancellor

Chancellor "Chance"


Chancellor Howling On Ice Mountain